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Web developer job Amsterdam - (2500 - 3000€ )

€2500 - 3000€

We are looking for a web developer who is HTML5 and CSS3 expert. Javascript will be a part of your work. However, you will be mainly focussing on HTML5, CSS3, LESS and SASS.

Also, you are a fan of clean code that your co-workers can understand. Search engines should understand it too :)

We are focussing on working really hard for few days and then we go out early every Friday and have dinner + drinks, all expenses covered.

We encourage you to share your code on Github because other developers should see what you can do!

We are located just a few kilometers away from Amsterdam. You would always be close to the big city. You might ask: why would I want to be close to Amsterdam? It’s big and expensive. Well, we like to take you out for dinner and drinks every week. That’s why.

What are we looking for?


2+ years of experience

HTML5, CSS3 expert

Greensock, Git and Webpack




Can you see yourself in this role?


Or contact me for more details at 

  • Luke has a good handle on the Dutch IT market for expats coming and looking for results quickly.

    S M - Developer

  • I was really lucky that I had a chance to meet Luke when I was looking for a new job. He is really professional in what he is doing, but also very communicative and open person. He never leaves you alone for a job hunt. He always presents really top jobs to you. The same was in my situation and I finally got new job from one of Luke's opportunities. I will definitely contact him if I want to change my job again.

    P L -

  • Luke has proven that he is the go-to guy when it comes to IT recruitment in the Netherlands. He manages to make the process of finding a new employer painless and has never disappointed.

    P H -

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