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Software developer job Utrecht – only for die hard coders

€3500 - 4500€

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Yesterday I had a call from a developer who has 6+ years of experience as a software engineer and he said: I’ve been to 5 interviews and nothing seems like a proper challenge. Do you have a company that can really challenge me?

I said, let me introduce you to my best client. If that’s not a challenge then I don’t really have anything for you.
Guess what? He called me after his interview saying that it was the best interview in a very long time.

You might think, why? Why was it the best interview?

Continuous integration

The company organizes a well known conference/in-house training that includes workshops.

Challenging environment

Open source software development

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  • Luke is a very efficient and dedicated person who first spends quality time to understand the associate, his personal and professional requirements and capabilities and matches to the requirements of employers. The level of his understanding is deep enough for him to be able to find a perfect match for both the employer and the employee. I am confident that his approach and way of working would take him places. Wishing him all the success.

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  • As a Recruiter Luke keeps a very honest and consistent communication with it's candidates. Very reliable, he cares the match the most fitting opportunity to the candidate skills and also to help envision their careers.

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  • Luke is very professional and great to work with. He is a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

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