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Recruiter Vacature: Recruitment Consultant


Recruiter Job: Recruitment Consultant

THEGIGLAB is hiring NOW! Recruitment talent, the place to be

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We are recruiting! Can you find the perfect match for one of our top customers?

Are you an ace in finding talent?

Do you have good people skills and can assess situations quickly?

Cycling every morning to work through the canals of Amsterdam, our office is

on the Herengracht! We are housed in HAMLET, a large office that we share with

many other start-ups like UBER. All entrepreneurs, inspiring and brand new!

Large open space with a great canteen where they are all healthy and organic

foods and drinks for the whole day. That can all be enjoyed at the expense of

the company! Also on Friday afternoon to drink at a trendy new discovery in the tent

canals belongs to our pursuits;)

We all have a huge wooden table as a desk, an architect would still be happy

to be there! A space where everyone can express his huge EGO as it should be

We work according to the new ULTRA working Macbook AIR, Iphone 6 PLUS, Apple

watch and (this one will always Remain) coffee

Competition is an important part of our business, whether with the boss

or with a colleague! We all want the best right ?! With us you do get the chance

for 4 years in the recruitment market THEGIGLAB. Now we have a new toy,

THEFRONTENDLAB, make sure that it gets just as big our already established brand!!

Are you the one to learn your manager something? Don't hesitate to stand up and say no,

it can be more efficient? Join us and show us your balls! : D

Can you imagine working for a recruiter that you don't see '' COLD CALLING ' every day, since we're busy with customers that call us to ask if we can maybe help them. We work in a very informal and personal basis, customer visits and

building relationships is the key to success! Over 10 placements this year at one

customer that says enough;)

English, German and Dutch flags all under one roof! Our current team

consists of a NL'er, Englishman and German lady. We all speak Dutch, we

expect this from you ... send us a 'hele vette' cover letter!

Crazy boss but also the best mentor and manager that you can wish for!

The training will be done by experienced recruiters with 10+ years experience

Our customer base is not as large as that of colleagues and that's because we only

work with the hottest and coolest companies and not the rest. This makes our work

a lot more fun than that of others;) five market leaders in their segment exclusively

use our services, What else?

We see in you the following person:

Ambition, Drive, Passion, Motivation, Competitiveness, Resourcefulness, Adaptable

Self confidence / flexibility / adaptability / focus

Ever been in a situation where you were really hopeless and you still wanted a solution to

be found? Do you have perseverance and empathy?

Winning is something that you always pursue naturally ?!

What's good too:

Two university studies (OK, if you have a good reason to apply as a recent graduate, we want to also consider;))

THE right attitude, that you can not develop!

You see yourself as a suitable candidate? Do you fit perfectly in this company? Have you

at least 1x YES answer to the above questions?

Do not wait a second longer and apply to us, because then we are indeed looking

for you!

Sales, recruit, recruitment, recruiter, people, vacancies, vacancies, recruitment, selection,

staff, jobs, jobs, Amsterdam, developer, opportunity, hiring, client, candidate

  • Luke proves his added value as a recruiter. He's introduced me to rewarding opportunities that I wouldn'totherwise have considered, and which have proved immensely satisfying.

    A M -

  • Luke shows good insight in assessing your skills and goals, and finding the best suited career opportunity for you. He shows great determination and reliability in assuring your success as a prospective job candidate. I appreciated his professional, yet casual approach to our relationship. If you are looking for a new job, Luke is the guy to go to.

    T N -

  • Luke has a good handle on the Dutch IT market for expats coming and looking for results quickly.

    S M - Developer

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