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ReactJS developer job Utrecht - (4000 - 5000€)

€4000 - 5000€

A Reactjs Developer that explores specific techniques and strategies to develop robust, testable, cross-browser code. This is key to ensure our key values - perfect performance, usability and accessibility. Passion for true Reactjs development utilizing javascript is what is required to join this team of experts.


As aReactjs developer you will deal with the clients we work with. They requireemberjs developers who can create responsive, super-fast solution web applications. That’s why we are looking for a Reactjs developer who understands how Javascript libraries of choice work, somebody who can also write his own framework from scratch if needed.


What we need:

Reactjs Developer experienced writing pure Javascript, playing around with angular, node, Reactjs and other frameworks at home, you need to get in touch!


Personal benefits:

Team of experts who fluently speak Javascript

Personal mentor who supports your development

Career plan mapped out for the entire year


What else do you get?

10 days to go to trainings and seminars of your choice 

Bonus + on top of your salary 

Permanent contract

In-house Javascript guru


  • Luke has a good handle on the Dutch IT market for expats coming and looking for results quickly.

    S M - Developer

  • Luke is a really nice guy who goes out of his way for the benefit of his clients. He has done really good work for me in the past in very trying times.

    N C -

  • Luke helped me get my second job in the Netherlands, his understanding of technologies lead me to a challenging position and his great attention to a candidate's personality and wishes helped find a position that was also perfectly aligned with my personality. The result was leap forward in my career, and a great experience in a both challenging and enjoyable environment.

    E J -

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