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ReactJS Developer Job Amsterdam – Flexible working hours, gym discount and cookies


Ideally you are an experienced ReactJS Developer who wants to focus on reactJS. If you cannot decide between angular and reactJS then you can also work with both frameworks  :)

How it works?

In 2013 they launched their platform to digitalize magazines. When everything turned responsive, they realized that there is no such tool that would help create a digital version of paper magazines. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about magazines like Vogue, Forbes or Men’s Health. The magazines that are digitalized are used by mainly huge internationals for internal communication – to save paper and protect the environment. If you feel this is a good product to work on that matters to society, please join.

So far they have developed their editor with angularJS. Since they interact closely with their clients, gather feedback to add new functionalities, they have recently launched a new module. The viewer is built with reactJS and since it’s a pretty new module, this could be your main area of work. They also use nodeJS for the server but not all the time, so Backend Developers also write PHP.


The two owners a very much hands-on and you can feel that their company and product is their baby. Therefore, they care a lot about their employees and that they feel at ease at the office. Flexible working hours, trust and the freedom to be “like you are at home” is what they preach.


Give me a call if you want to know more 06 10 02 98 02

No questions? Apply directly to


The office is easily accessible for people from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, Haarlem, Zaandam, Leiden, Almere, Alkmaar, because it’s directly located at the A10.

  • When you want to reach Luke, he's there. He pays attention as if you are the only person he works with. He understands your needs and tries his best to find the best matching position for you. He's not only a recruiter but a good career coach and if I look for a job in the future, I will call him and you should do the same!

    G M -

  • The first time I contacted Luke I was living in Spain and willing to live in Amsterdam. After several chats, he got an interview for me, I arrived in the Netherlands just with that interview and just after arriving he got another two. This is just an example of what Luke's attitude can make anywhere he is. His proactive and optimistic attitude is transmitted to the rest of the people working with him, focusing on his goals and involving everyone on them. I would completely recommend this guy

    D L -

  • He takes his responsibility very serious and makes the best out of it. He looks to a situation from a perspective to get something good out of it. In the hole time he was providing me his service I always felt like I have been taken with a good care. He recognizes my skills and puts a well deserved title for it and seeks the right people looking for that skill. And he completes the task with great care.

    A P -

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