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React.js developer job in Amsterdam

€3000 - 3500€

Where are you from ?

This is going to be the first question that you will get when you walk through the office doors. Everyone around here are from all over the world, Finland, Romania, Russia, France, Canada, China, etc.


You can truly say that we have an international office. :)


All the developers are very passionate about what they do. They go to meetups, conferences as well as speak at different conferences. Also, we like to teach one another everything that we learn in those conferences.


The demand for react.js doesn’t stop growing, so we started hire people who have experience with react.js!

What are we looking for?


2+ years of experience

HTML, CSS and Javascript
Most importantly – react.js


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  • I recommend Luke for his great work. Professional, available, and friendly guy. I wish him the best.

    L M -

  • Very energetic personality, reliable and trustworthy.

    M B -

  • Thanks to Luke, I have found a job perfectly suitable to my skills. I have experienced Luke as a trustworthy recruiter with a high consistency. He has a good understanding of the assets required to make a good match with a future employer. I would recommend him for any IT professional looking for new employment.

    R J -

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