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Node.js developer job Amsterdam - you will surely have the best team in the Netherlands ;)

€4000 - 4500€

This is the most awesome Node.js Developer Vacancy you can find in the Netherlands!

If you are willing to relocate to Amsterdam you will get the chance to join an award-winning digital agency, pushing your career the ultimate level!


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We currently offer passionate and enthusiastic Node.js developers the unique chance to join a super awesome, globally rewarded ideas company in the heart of Amsterdam.


You will be building digital solutions for the best brands of the world – Ferrari, Mini, FIFA, Nike, KLM.  In a team of 25 international people you closely collaborate with creative designer, strategic planners, accounts people and highest caliber front-end developers in the Netherlands. Be aware of the fact that you will not be the smartest developer in the office by a long way ;) Meaning your opportunity to kick start that learning begins once again.


This Digital Agency has won more awards than any other agency in the world in 2013. With offices now in different locations of the world this gives you a true opportunity to follow your dreams.


We are looking for a knowledgeable Node.js Developer who has played around with cool stuff such as WebGL or EaselJS and loads of API’s. You write pluggable, well-maintainable Javascript code and dare to share on GitHub. Experience working in an agency (-like) environment is nice to have – no must!


If you are curious to learn more about the project and technologies of choice, get in contact!

  • Luke has a good handle on the Dutch IT market for expats coming and looking for results quickly.

    S M - Developer

  • Luke helped me finding a great Job by one of the best web-development companies in Amsterdam. He is a hard working highly skilled recruiter and he is always willing to do what ever it takes to find a job where you can develop your self. Great person, great personality!

    S L -

  • Luke is honest with you. He tells you what he really thinks, and perfectly clear about that. Shows you what you are suitable for, and he acts quick upon your wishes. Get in touch with him!

    B C -

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