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Medior frontend developer job Amsterdam - 1 million click-throughs in one day? (3500 - 4000€)

€3500 - 4000€

Medior Frontend  Developer Job, Medior Frontend Developer Vacature, Medior Frontend Developer

Have you ever had 1 million click-throughs in one day?

When joining us in the heart of Amsterdam your work will be seen by millions.


This job will open up new horizons for you.


These are the things we work on:

Interactive mobile web apps

Interactive banners

Cross-media projects with video, film, animation and audio

Responsive websites


All we need is a good basis of Javascript

Experience with animation tools would be fantastic (but we can also teach you)  

You think this is a perfect place for you to boost your career?


Get in touch!

  • Luke has a good handle on the Dutch IT market for expats coming and looking for results quickly.

    S M - Developer

  • Luke clearly has a deep understanding of the market. Also, I found him to be very unconcerned, which makes working with him very pleasant.

    B W -

  • He takes his responsibility very serious and makes the best out of it. He looks to a situation from a perspective to get something good out of it. In the hole time he was providing me his service I always felt like I have been taken with a good care. He recognizes my skills and puts a well deserved title for it and seeks the right people looking for that skill. And he completes the task with great care.

    A P -

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