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Javascript Developer: Ready to show your Meteor skills


 The developers with real knowledge will know ;), but what is data on the wire, one language, database everywhere, latency compensation, full stack reactivity, embrace the ecosystem and simplicity equals productivity? Meteor.JS.

Naturally these are things we got from the Internet, but if you already looked at Meteor and have been using it too, these things will sound familiar to you.

Our client is looking for an energetic developer that will help them to step up to the next level!

Colleagues are highly skilled and eager to learn. You share knowledge with each other. Naturally our client expects that you can share your knowledge too.

Is this you? Are you the developer with THE Javscript-skills? is the way to show it ;).



  • Luke helped with finding a new job and honestly gave his advice as to my options without pushing me forthe sake of his results.

    D V -

  • Luke has a good handle on the Dutch IT market for expats coming and looking for results quickly.

    S M - Developer

  • Luke has proven that he is the go-to guy when it comes to IT recruitment in the Netherlands. He manages to make the process of finding a new employer painless and has never disappointed.

    P H -

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