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Javascript developer job Amsterdam - building a platform that is used in 230 different countries and available in 37 languages


You are attracted by the words high-traffic, robustness, accessibility and security?

You would love to build a complex platform that is used in 230 different countries and available in 37 languages?

You don’t deny that a salary of 75K per year is pretty appealing?

This company develops a platform that is used not only by millions but billions of people.
It’s the Ultimate challenge for every Javascript Developer who wants to push his skills to the next level.

Also they chose for the most popular MVC framework on the frontend Angular.

The team will be set up from scratch almost. Currently there are a lot of freelancers that are going to be replaced by perm people to keep the knowledge in-house.


Though this is an established company you will feel a fresh, energetic atmosphere in the office, since the team is set up from scratch.


For you this also means that you get the chance to create your own role within the team.



  • When you want to reach Luke, he's there. He pays attention as if you are the only person he works with. He understands your needs and tries his best to find the best matching position for you. He's not only a recruiter but a good career coach and if I look for a job in the future, I will call him and you should do the same!

    G M -

  • Thanks to Luke, I have found a job perfectly suitable to my skills. I have experienced Luke as a trustworthy recruiter with a high consistency. He has a good understanding of the assets required to make a good match with a future employer. I would recommend him for any IT professional looking for new employment.

    R J -

  • Luke clearly has a deep understanding of the market. Also, I found him to be very unconcerned, which makes working with him very pleasant.

    B W -

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