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Frontend developer job Amsterdam – if you can build a framework from scratch (70-80k)


Frontend Developer Job Amsterdam. Frontend Developer Vacature Amsterdam


A frontend Developer that explores specific techniques and strategies to develop robust, testable, cross-browser code. This is key to ensure our key values - perfect performance, usability and accessibility. Passion for frontend development utilizing Javascript is what is required to join this team of experts.


As a strong frontend developer you will deal with the clients we work with. They are waiting for you to solve the most complex problems. We are looking for a frontend developer who understands how Javascript libraries of choice work, somebody who can also write his own framework from scratch if needed.


What we need:

Frontend Developer experienced in writing pure Javascript, playing around with angular, node, ember and other frameworks at home, you need to get in touch 

+31 6 2222 78 89


Personal benefits:

Team of experts who fluently speak Javascript

Personal mentor who supports your development

Career plan mapped out for the entire year


What else do you get?

10 days non-billable to go to trainings and seminars

Bonus + personal packet on top of market-conform salary

Permanent contract from the start! 



If you don't fit this profile

We're always seeking strong frontend developers in Amsterdam. Be sure to get in contact to find which other Amsterdam frontend developer jobs we have 

+31 6 2222 78 89

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