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Frontend Developer job Amsterdam – are you ready to work with the latest technologies? Polymer, react native?

€4500 - 5500€

Done woking with the old code stack?
Do you want to get to work with technologies of tomorrow? polymer, go, elixir, react native?

Do you want to give you technical advice to the biggest companies in the country? 

How would your day look like? 

You would you would be responsible for giving advice to the biggest companies in the country. 
You would be setting up new guidelines and standards for their frontend teams 

Examples of what you would build: complex self-service portals or software platforms and extreme application infrastructures 

You need to be able to build secure and accessible products.


You will have the most knowledgeable engineers in your team. If you think of 0.5% of the best developers in the country. They are here.
Once you join their team, you will stay here forever. Trust me, they offer to you everything that you can wish for starting from significant salary increases every year. By every year, I mean you WILL get an increase every year. Imagine what you would be on in 10 years? ;) 

Need more information? email me at 

  • Luke has been great in providing me with many great opportunities. The positions are always relevant and worth a look.

    C Y - Senior Software Engineer

  • Luke is very professional and great to work with. He is a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

    A V -

  • I recommend Luke for his great work. Professional, available, and friendly guy. I wish him the best.

    L M -

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