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Frontend Developer – Love Javascript and Amsterdam

€€2500 - €3000

Frontend Developer – Love Javascript and Amsterdam?

Are you a passionate Frontend Developer with strong Javascript skills?

You love to work with d3.JS?

And Amsterdam is your favorite city?


Then this could be a GREAT fit for you!

In the beautiful center of Amsterdam you’ll find this cool office. Young and creative people are working here for different companies. Our client is also in this building. They are in one of the coolest offices in the building!

Nice view over the city, great open office and an awesome TOP NOTCH coffee machine!

You’ll be working in a team of 3 developers. 1 developer is one of the founders of the company, the other 2 developers started 6 months ago. You’ll be the 4th developer in the team. After the summer they will be looking for a 5th developer. Business is going well for them at the moment but they don’t want to expand to quick. They focus on quality and want new employees to feel at home.


How a day/week would look like?

You can start between 8.30am and 10.00am every day.

At 10.00am you’ll have a 15 minute stand-up with your team. What’s the plan for today?

Then everyone starts to work. Questions can be asked to your colleagues. Everyone is there to help each other.

You will have free lunches between 11.30am and 2.00pm.

If there is a training scheduled in this will start at 3.00pm.

You can request a specific training in a skill or technique.

Want to develop your leadership skills or know more about a specific javascript framework? Request and they will HELP you.

On Tuesday and Thursday you will also be able to have dinner in the office.

Every first Friday you and your colleagues are having drinks with the other companies in the building.


Sounds interesting?

I would love to tell you more about our client! What are they working on, salary and secondary benefits and more!

Sent me an email and I will schedule in a coffee with you J



  • Luke has been great in providing me with many great opportunities. The positions are always relevant and worth a look.

    C Y - Senior Software Engineer

  • Luke is honest with you. He tells you what he really thinks, and perfectly clear about that. Shows you what you are suitable for, and he acts quick upon your wishes. Get in touch with him!

    B C -

  • Luke is a very efficient and dedicated person who first spends quality time to understand the associate, his personal and professional requirements and capabilities and matches to the requirements of employers. The level of his understanding is deep enough for him to be able to find a perfect match for both the employer and the employee. I am confident that his approach and way of working would take him places. Wishing him all the success.

    A K -

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