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Front-end Developer in Utrecht at Movic


Front-end Developer in Utrecht


Movic develops internet concepts. In addition, we have several webshops under our care and we grow fast. Movic represents progress through movement (movement). Our company name reminds us every day that we must continue to innovate, invest and create so that we can realize the future vision of our company.


We are searching for a full-time front-end developer with senior skills.  Our company is Movic and is situated in the city centre of Utrecht. We have a team of 8 developers. 4 backend developers and 4 app developers (age 24-35). Until now they outsourced their front-end work to other companies and freelancers. Our new projects are becoming too valuable and complex to outsource, therefore they decided that they need a reliable in-house front-end developer.

We can offer
A challenging job. We are always working with the latest technologies and have interesting projects.

  • 25 vacation days
  • Flexible working hours
  • An open, informal and international company culture


  • Travel costs paid
  • Gym membership paid


We are working on a new project with WebGL. Therefore experience with WebGL would be of huge benefit. Three.js with WebGL (Shraders / Renderers / OrbitControls / VolumetricSpotLightMaterial)

HTML:  PSD to HTML transfrmation &  static web Prototype creation based on Visual Designs & UX ,Sketch /Photoshop will be added advantage.


Responsive Web Design -Hands on Responsive web design development. The number of users of the mobiles is increasing day by day and the larger traffic on the websites is coming from mobile phones. The website should adjust itself to the device from which it is being viewed and give an appealing look on most devices.


CSS & CSS Frameworks- Should be responsible for fonts, colours, images and positioning of different elements on the websites. Frameworks make the responsive development easier and already contain different classes for the buttons, forms and various elements on the page. It follows industry best practices. Examples are -Bootstrap, Foundation.


NodeJS/Javascript Development- With the development of NodeJS. You can make a full stack Web Application with only Javascript and many developers are adopting this technology.


Javascript Frameworks AngularJS,VueJS ,SignalR/Socket.IO- These frameworks help in creating web application easier and follow best practices.  Examples are -AngularJS,VueJS etc.


Version Control: Github/BitBucket - Version Control is a must for every project. Suppose you are working on a feature in your project and you messed up something, now what you will do. With Version Control Systems (VCS) like git/tfs you can view the changes you have made and go back to your previous state. Github/BitBucket is a web-based hosting service for git repositories which makes collaboration between teams much easier. It gives features like forks and pull requests which helps in a big way to open source development.


Web Performance - You have created your awesome website but if it takes a long time to load people will not wait and leave your site. So you should optimize your images, Minify CSS and javascript to deliver fast and efficient websites to your users.


Browser Development tools - Modern browsers are not just awesome for users But they are great for developers as well. These development tools help us to make changes to the DOM on the fly and see the changes. Debugging javascript is easier with these tools.


Building and Automation tools - Who wants to do boring repetitive tasks. Tasks like running tests, optimize images, minify javascript and preparing the code for deploying to production server can be automated with tools like Grunt, gulp. So you can focus only on building great web Applications.


Testing - Testing is an essential part of creating Web Applications. When you are working on a new feature you want to test your project so that you had not broken anything in the process. Examples of testing frameworks are Mocha, Jasmine.

  • Luke is the best recruitment person I have encountered. When I went to him, he immediately set himself apart from other recruiters by understanding the technical terms I mentioned and suggesting a job which actually matched my skills. He listened to what I wanted instead of trying to push me into a position; he also did not obfuscate information about the company. Still, he worked quickly, and I had my interview and a job offer in less than a week. After I had been with my new job for a few months, Luke checked in to see how the position was working out. He is certainly the first person I'd turn to for technical recruiting in the Netherlands.

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  • The first time I contacted Luke I was living in Spain and willing to live in Amsterdam. After several chats, he got an interview for me, I arrived in the Netherlands just with that interview and just after arriving he got another two. This is just an example of what Luke's attitude can make anywhere he is. His proactive and optimistic attitude is transmitted to the rest of the people working with him, focusing on his goals and involving everyone on them. I would completely recommend this guy

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  • Luke helped me to find a job as software engineer in the Netherlands. He is honest, responsive and efficient. Thanks to his dedication and commitment I got excellent results.

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