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Front-end Developer - Are you a NERD

€€2500 - €3000

Frontend Developer – Are you a NERD?


Near Dam Square in Amsterdam there was a cool office for rent.

Was, because recently a young start-up company moved in there.

This start-up has 3 employees. The owner, and 2 developers. They are all 3 very passionate about the application that they are developing.

They are creating a webapplication that would make it possible to share knowledge with like minded people all over the world. It’s like Facebook but than more specific. You could join a specific group that has your interest. On Facebook you can only share knowledge with your friends and you might not have the same interest as them. With this webapplication it is possible to share with like minded people.


This awesome start-up can offer you:

  • €2500-€3000
  • Travel expenses
  • Awesome location in Amsterdam
  • Trips, dinners and parties
  • Lessons from the best advisors in the business


On top of that you will be joining a start-up environment. Think about it! You will be present from the start. Everything has to be discovered. You can work like you want to work. Important is that the job is done.

You will see what it takes to work at a start-up. It’s a great experience! Talk to interesting people, learn from mistakes and see the company grow. In 3 years time the 4 of you would look back and laugh about it. You became a company of 100 employees!


Sounds interesting?

This job would suit you if you:

  • Are an HTML and CSS master
  • Have awesome Javascript skills. Backbonejs or Angularjs
  • Can clearly communicate knowledge and ideas
  • Excelerate in an agile team
  • Are detail-oriented and result-driven


It would be beneficial if you:

  • Are passionate about sharing knowledge
  • Have thorough knowledge of social media
  • Are a NERD ;)


If you are a passionate developer that would love to work at a start-up company this would be a unique opportunity. Start the company from scratch and see it grow!

This the challenge you are looking for?

  • Luke clearly has a deep understanding of the market. Also, I found him to be very unconcerned, which makes working with him very pleasant.

    B W -

  • Luke is the best recruitment person I have encountered. When I went to him, he immediately set himself apart from other recruiters by understanding the technical terms I mentioned and suggesting a job which actually matched my skills. He listened to what I wanted instead of trying to push me into a position; he also did not obfuscate information about the company. Still, he worked quickly, and I had my interview and a job offer in less than a week. After I had been with my new job for a few months, Luke checked in to see how the position was working out. He is certainly the first person I'd turn to for technical recruiting in the Netherlands.

    A B -

  • Luke proves his added value as a recruiter. He's introduced me to rewarding opportunities that I wouldn'totherwise have considered, and which have proved immensely satisfying.

    A M -

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