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Angular.js developer job Rotterdam – work on your own projects

€3500 - 4000€

All angular.js developers, keep on reading…


We give you the freedom to develop your own projects, as long as, 2 days per week you work on our projects.


Whenever you think of a cool idea, you can pitch it to everyone at the office and you would get a go or no go answer. After your pitch, some of your colleagues can decide to join you and help to implement your project.


Also, we want to make sure that you get to the office on time. So, we will get you a lease car and you never have to be late again! As sometimes during the rain or strong wind it’s quite hard to cycle.


What skills are we looking for?


3+ years of experience

HTML, CSS and Javascript

And as the title suggests, we are looking for an expert in angular.js


If this sounds interesting drop me a message:


  • Luke has been great in providing me with many great opportunities. The positions are always relevant and worth a look.

    C Y - Senior Software Engineer

  • Thanks to Luke, I have found a job perfectly suitable to my skills. I have experienced Luke as a trustworthy recruiter with a high consistency. He has a good understanding of the assets required to make a good match with a future employer. I would recommend him for any IT professional looking for new employment.

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  • Luke and I had frequent contact by phone, e-mail and in person. His active effort and enthusiasm landed me my current job, for which I am very grateful. I very much admire his social skills, organisation skills and knowledge of the IT job market. Eventually his ability to negotiate ensured for me a high level of job satisfaction in my current position.

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