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To get help filling a vacancy go to: http://www.frontendrecruitment.com/ 

If you want to talk about career opportunities contact Grit Rudinger: nl.linkedin.com/in/gritrudinger

Frontend Developers will be offered the most amazing career opportunities in the market place whilst companies can expect their Frontend Developer vacancies to be filled by an absolute niche specialist  

We will not stop until every frontend developer, front-end expert, javascript ninja, creative developer, interactive coder or creative technologist knows our name. You will be offered the best frontend developer roles in the market place from the best frontend developer recruitment agency

thefrontendlab is constantly working to hunt down the most talented, driven, ambitious and passionate frontend developers in the Netherlands

Frontend developer recruitment is on the rise and you will not find a better supplier of developers in Europe

We have decided to focus on frontend developer recruitment which is why the new brand thefrontendlab started.